Our Wellness Leaders

Our Wellness Leaders are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for every body. We look forward to moving with you soon!

Rebecca Ruhd is a Livingston native who returned 12 years ago with her own family.  Despite being born & raised in the Big Sky state, Rebecca was a shy, chubby child who was not too keen on the outdoors or being active.  As an adult she found she enjoyed yoga, but discovered that group dance fitness best motivated her to keep her body moving.  After years of not letting anyone see her sweat, she allowed her sister to drag her to a dance fitness class but stayed in the very, very back, and finally found a fitness home up front and out loud in OULA, Rebecca became a certified OULA Instructor in July 2019. She is excited to lead new and experienced dancers in this format that embraces physical, mental, and emotional fitness and meets you where you are.

Kelly Miller is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Resiliency Coach who specializes in trauma and mindful movement. She holds many certifications to include her 200hr RYT. Kelly offers a wide variety of wellness offerings and workshops at The Movement Collaborative.

Hi! My name is Becca Rose and I am passionate about yoga and the benefits it can bring to your mind, body, and spirit. I have personally experienced the balance and positive changes that can happen by committing to a daily/regular yoga practice and I am here to help bring that into your world! Yoga has been a support to me mentally and physically, as well as the keystone to my maintained sobriety. I can feel the benefits of my practice as I move through life now with an open heart, flexible mind, and grounded spirit. I look forward to guiding you to finding your own personal balance and personal strength on and off the yoga mat. Bring a smile and I’ll see you on the mat! 

Julie began her Pilates journey over ten years ago in Ennis, MT. Since then, she’s been leading both virtual and in-person classes in Oregon but is back in Montana and eager to lead classes Livingston! Julie survived a traumatic motorcycle accident several years ago and attributes her ability to heal to Pilates both before and after the experience. Her incredible perseverance shows through in the way she teaches and her ability to make sure movements are accessible for everyone. She specializes in providing quality exercise to the aging active community. Even though the world around us seems to be out of balance, we still have the option to maintain our physical health, our spirit, and our mental health with movement.  This is how we maintain the balance within ourselves.  The mind, body, spirit connection is essential in order to find that balance.  Pilates isn’t just a name nor a word, it’s an action, it’s a lifestyle.  You’ve got to do it, to get it.  I have a particular passion for meeting people in their bodies where they are.  Having had my own unique challenges, I understand there is a lot to learn about walking in someone else’s shoes.  Come strengthen, stretch and balance your body with me!  A body in motion stays in motion!  Come join the fun!  

Your Taiji Instructor, Kevin Raphael Fitch, began studying the combative arts since 1972, including Taijiquan, in 1992. He was an international martial arts judge from 2004-2008. Coach Fitch earned gold medals at international Taiji tournaments. He has written for Inside Kung Fu magazine. Fitch and some his students landed a spot on NBC news. He produced a Taiji weekly call for public access tv. Fitch demonstrated Taijiquan at Manhattanville College, the IBM headquarters, in Armonk, NY—and conducted weekly classes for senior management, at the headquarters of PesiCo and The March of Dimes headquarters, both in upstate NY. Coach Fitch conducted classes at senior centers in New York and Washington, the Departments of Recreation in Mount Vernon, NY and Seattle and Bothell, WA. He held weekly classes at his studio in Pelham, NY, which was attended by people of all ages, other martial artist, and members of law enforcement. He developed a training program called: Managing Internal Energy during Adversity for cops. Fitch is also an actor, consultant astrologer, writer and novelist.

Angela Segraves is a local Spiritual Herbalist and Energy Healer who loves helping you learn about the magic and beauty of the plants and Spiritual energy around you, how you can bring that magic into your life and heal what’s holding you back. She can help you get to the root cause of blocks and remove them so you can reconnect with your Power and have the life you’re dreaming of.  As part of The Movement Collaborative group, Angela will be seeing clients for private healing sessions and offering classes about Herbal Medicine, Angelic Reiki and Spiritual Growth. Angela loves being in nature and helping others connect to Plant Medicine, their own Earth Magic and Soul Wisdom. If you want to learn more about Angela and her offerings, please visit her website at www.angelasegraves.com

Liz Allen has been practicing therapeutic massage for 17 years. She specializes in myofascial release; neck tension and whiplash; postural issues; deep tissue and cranial sacral therapies. Liz enjoys educating her clients on the small tasks they can do daily to stay functional and/or reeducate weak muscles. Liz has taken courses in persistent pain and the bioplastici nature of our body and mind.She enjoys doing yoga; skijoring with her dog; telemark skiing; hiking, and mountain biking. To schedule services visit: http://schedulicity.com/scheduling/FMTLDU

Tamara Leach, LMT is the owner of Healing Intentions, a bodywork practice that focuses on healing the mind, body and soul.   She has been working with clients professionally for over 25 years and focuses her massage therapy practice to specific injury rehabilitation and trauma held in the body. Working with clients she acts as a wellness guide to help you find your place of center within so you can create lasting change in your body, mind & soul. Tamara can blend her mind/soul/body therapy to help people heal on multiple levels. Besides massage she uses vibrational healing, Reiki, Shamanic practice and other energy healing modalities to work on multiple levels of the body. She is excited to bring massage and energy therapy services to The Movement Collaborative. Tamara has been an educator in the wellness profession for over 20 years and taught various massage and wellness modalities, including various massage modalities, anatomy & alignment, meditation, mind/body integration, energy healing and spiritual guidance courses over the years. Using Movement therapy she can work privately or in a group. Tamara would like to bring beginner yoga for those who never practiced or back to the basics for yogis focusing on alignment & adjustments to The Movement Collaborative. In her free time Tamara loves to hike, camp, garden and spend time with her beautiful family including her husband, daughter and the mini- zoo of animals. To schedule with Tamara Leach you can call 406-220-5533 or email at tamaraleachmassage@gmail.com Visit her website at www.ourhealingintentions.com

Marissa Herron has been teaching children’s yoga since 2018. Marissa received her certification from Kidding Around Yoga ™, an amazing community for children’s yoga teachers. She created Young Yoga Journeys and has taught ages ranging from as young as 2 to as old as 13. Kids learn the benefit of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment while focusing on karma and breathwork. Marissa has taught yoga in 3 of Park county’s elementary schools, as well as at local preschools and day camps. She is currently receiving her certification in children’s anatomy, as well as teen yoga, and accessible children’s yoga. A mother to two young children, she knows that it “takes a community”. She hopes she can be part of that community while guiding your little ones through their movements, meditations, and mind body connections. She has personally found the benefits of yoga in her own healing, as well as the importance of living mindfully.  “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

Denis Ouellette, BS, LMT, is a breathworker and bodyworker, as well as an author, publisher, and international seminar leader.  He trained with breathwork pioneers in the 1970s in California. He is a certified Optimal Breathing Development Specialist under Mike White of Breathing.com, who is the world’s foremost expert on breathing physiology. He has facilitated hundreds of private breathwork sessions and conducted many group workshops. He is the author of Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound & Water, which researches the physiology and ancient origins of breathwork and other self-healing methods. Denis currently practices breathwork and bodywork in Bozeman and Livingston, Montana. He publishes Natural Life News & Directory, a healthy lifestyle magazine distributed throughout the West.